Welcome to Hidden Levers

Welcome to the exclusive launch of Hidden Levers—a biweekly publication about unconventional philosophies on health and wealth.

Life is full of disguises and facades. When the curtain falls there’s so much to be seen. Every other week we'll pull the hidden lever to reveal what’s behind the curtain and channel your inner maverick.


In a society that romanticizes expertise, we're in desperate need of a broader understanding of the human experience. People are at their best when they turn their minds to many things, a modern day renaissance person.

I suspect I’m not the only one who feels somewhat rebellious beneath the surface, refusing to live life as a narrow specialist as society might prefer, and escape the herd mentality that surrounds us.

So here we’ll be open to experiences and ideas that appear contradictory on the surface. We’ll try to forge connections across these disparate, even unexpected domains. Expect a small dose of ancient philosophy mixed with provocative ideas to navigate your health and financial wellbeing.

Looking Forward

An uncensored, ongoing story of health, philosophy, and entrepreneurialism. Here's a preview of some recurring themes and topics you'll see.

🧬 My experiences "biohacking" my health for the last 10 years

What protocols and supplements actually work, and what's a scam? Why I've come to realize the doctor of the future is yourself when it comes to maintaining or improving health. How I draw a line between living healthy versus feeling ruled by my health; there is a keeping-up-with-the-Joneses mentality to wellness, forcing us to become victims of self-improvement.

👑 Philosopher Kings – a new counter culture striving for truth

More so than ever I'm having a difficult time making sense of the world. I've lost trust in institutions and the mainstream media. On a daily basis, I'm saying out-loud, "What the fuck is going on". I remain optimistic about the future but if we're going to get there in one piece we're going to need the help of the Philosopher Kings and Queens. Plato was on to something when he said, "the ideal society needs truth-seekers as rulers". But here's the twist, the rulers of modern society are mainstream media, propagated by social networks. Fortunately, the emergence of a new counter culture striving for "truth" has helped me through these times of chaos. They are the closest thing to teachers or mentors in my life; Jordan Peterson and Alain De Botton for everyday philosophy; Chamath Palihapitiya for all things economy; Albert Wenger for redesigning society (e.g. climate change); Dr. Rhonda Patrick and Dr. Zach Bush for health and wellbeing. What each of these modern polymaths have in common is a wide swath of experiences to draw on.

🤠 A shift from specialization to entrepreneurialism

Hierarchies of expertise are relevant in professions like medicine where we want the best surgeon for an operation. But these singular career paths should be the anomaly, not the rule. It makes sense for a doctor to specialize because every day is literally life or death. But for the other 95%, the stakes aren't as high, yet we feel obliged to follow a linear career path in one field. The question that confuses me the most is why we attach our own identity to our job? In doing so, we're giving power back to the system and losing our independence and freedom. Capitalism is a beautiful thing; but it will swallow you whole and spit you out into a million pieces if you're naive enough to think you're not a cog in the machine. When I speak about entrepreneurialism, I'm not romanticizing the tech founder, I'm advocating for some "social distance" from the idea behind a single track career. You have to cultivate experiences to understand the world. Seneca, a famous Roman philosopher, spent time as a lawyer, politician, father, gardener, scientist, Tuberculosis survivor, lived in exile, all before becoming a "philosopher".

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